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Site Design / Development ... A Marketing Approach 
It is quite evident that most small business and even many larger firm sites lack the marketing edge that can captivate the target audience and maximize return on investment. It takes more than the "technical expertise" that most site developers can provide when presenting what a company has to offer.

And there are very few of these type of developers who have the marketing talent, skills, and experience to make a site a marketing winner like FOCUS Associates.

Moreover, trying to economize a site's development or redesign by doing it internally or hiring someone with little or no marketing and business development experience can seriously jeopardize the intended goals of the site, including maximizing its effectiveness with your target audience.  The design of the site should also reflect a

FOCUS Associates... a fresh prespective to successful business efforts!

well-conceived marketing plan and approach.
FOCUS Associates and its site design partner 3DRex & AniRex™ Studios can provide what is required to develop a marketing-oriented website that presents an effective message to the target audience.  Depending on your budget and needs . . . the design can incorporate a variety of elements and style from a static to flash, database supported to storefront with shopping cart, animation to interactive attributes, and more.

Please visit 3DRex & AniRex™ Studios to see its portfolio and for more information concerning your site design needs . . . and mention that FOCUS Associates referred you.