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Marketing Plan ... Strategies and More!

Progressive Step

Developing a written annual marketing plan is a progressive step in becoming a truly marketing led business.

How it is written and presented can be the difference in receiving enthusiastic or lukewarm support from senior level management and more importantly from the sales department.

Every product and service needs to be assessed individually.

  • Historical Performance
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Problems and Opportunities
  • Strategy Development, Method, and Implementation
  • Pricing (markup and gross margins)
  • Forecasting and Budget
Working on the annual marketing plan requires time and it should start shortly after the previous year's plan is completed. There should never be a rushed marketing plan if everyone is on the same page to its development timetable.

Strategy Development

Developing results-oriented strategies, selecting the methods to execute, and timely implementation are paramount. Even if a company does not have a formalized written marketing plan, it should have a formalized approach to strategy development and recording successes and failures for future purposes.

Strategies are the "guiding lights and assisting tools for a company to achieve its forecasted sales and profits.

Former President George H. Bush might say, "A thousand points of lights!"
Strategy development should include . . .
  • What do customers want to see?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • How to minimize competition's reaction?
  • Which marketing vehicle and/or media tool to use?
  • When is the optimum implementation time?
  • Will salespeople and managers endorse and support them?

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Moreover . . . the website, advertising, trade promotions, consumer promotions, collateral materials, trade shows, POP (Point of Purchase) Display, direct marketing programs, POS (Point of Sale) packaging, merchandising tie-ins, and cross-marketing are all part of strategy development and implementation consideration.

Then there is the development of a three to five year strategic plan.