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Sales Incentives ... A Motivator Must!

It takes more than just talking to a customer and a prospect.

Properly motivating salespeople with the right incentive programs is a must!

We are talking about financial related approaches that inspire the soldiers for their respective organization to produce profitable sales. And the handshake and a good word are not substitutes... just valuable common sense interpersonal skills.

It also takes more than what is in the benefits package to keep salespeople and sales managers focused and motivated. While the ideal manager may be self-motivated, he/she needs the assistance from incentives for salespeople and to be included in it.

Then . . . it becomes a team effort to achieve!

  • Incentive programs should be geared to entice and excite the sales personnel to excel and hopefully to exceed their set sales goals.

  • Incentive programs should never be expressed to as a competition among sales personnel by management. They will do it all by themselves.

  • Everyone should have an opportunity of being partially rewarded on a graduating scale of success with the top finishers receiving the "top awards".

  • Incentive programs can vary in length of time with multiple programs built-in to one major one or individual ones taking place periodically throughout the year.
FOCUS Associates . . . is here to assist you in developing the "drooling mood" of your sales force.